“I have worked with Corinn Peterson for over three years now. Her ability to organize and manage my business finances has been a great blessing. She always seems to be on top of each of the many different needs we have in our business. Watching for any unusual activity or price changes from the vendors from whom we purchase, Corinn has likely saved us thousands of dollars. Whenever I have a question or a special request she is quick to respond and take care of my needs. I have never had any worries regarding her honesty or her skill level which brings me much peace of mind. After 20+ years in business, it is wonderful to have someone doing my bookkeeping that “has my back.” I could not recommend her more highly.”

Jeffery G. Norman, D.C.
Peterson Wellness Center
Logan, UT

“As Corinn says, she loves doing books – it’s her passion, and it really shows in her results! She is thorough, logical, and takes the time to audit expenses if something does not look right to her. She’s always on the lookout for ways to save money and bring more profitability. I’m thankful that she has an amazing talent for organizing and simplifying, as this makes my life simpler and frees me to do the things I love!”

C.P., Realtor
Hyde Park, UT

“Corinn Walston has been doing all of my financial bookkeeping for the past 2 ½ years at Peterson Wellness Center. I am now “totally” organized and taxes, payroll, and financial planning are no longer an unpleasant experience. Thank you, Corinn!”

Brent E. Peterson
Peterson Wellness Center

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